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A Restrained and Reliable View of Pagan Life in Russia

Raffaele Petralla's photographs describe the faith and culture of the Mari people without an over-reliance on religious motifs. 

Amish and Mennonite Photo Coverage in Face of Sexual Abuse

Conservative Anabaptist resistance to being photographed took on a new dimension when Strasburg began investigating claims of sexual abuse and coverups in Pennsylvania and Ohio’s Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities.

In the Absence of Beat Reporters Covering Religion, Photojournalists Fill the Gaps

Noteworthy photographers capturing real presence. 

Making Faith Visible: Picturing the Spiritual through the Ultimate Anguish

It's hard to visually convey faith or spirituality, especially through the ultimate anguish. That's what's so moving, and accomplished, about Lisa Krantz's images.

On the campaign trail, what does a church look like?

See if you can tell which of these photos were taken at a conference center and which were taken at a church. 

Thank You Jesus For Lord President Trump

To observe the disconnect between Trump and evangelicals, illustrations are not hard to find.

The Meaning of Rosanne Barr in Jerusalem

Melina Mara's pictures show a struggling cultural icon who, in spite of having reached the geographic destination of her spiritual pilgrimage, still seems to be wandering alone in the wilderness.

The Raised Hand

Thoughts on photographing religious observance

Viewing Jonas Bendiksen's Photobook 'The Last Testament' as a Person of Faith

From cynicism to a surprising sadness. 

Why are These Pictures of Mennonites Funny?

Religion, humor and benign violations

With “Detroit, Unbroken Down” Dave Jordano shows where religion really happens

Jordano seems to have discovered that most religion happens outside of the church. 

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KC McGinnis is a photographer and photojournalist raised in Iowa and based in Des Moines.
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